Velvet Cape Dress

$ 165.00



We ran out of the rayon/poly we used to make our regular Cape dress with (The one you couldn't get wet in, or wash, so maybe that's not such a bad thing). I've wanted to try it in the stretch velvets for a long time. Then "the Girls" decided it should come to a point in the waist, a really good idea as you can see. The waistband laces firmly in the back, under the full length cape. Generous hood.

Available in 9 sizes:
Small/Short, Small/Medium, Small/Long
Medium/Short, Medium/Medium, Medium/Long
Large/Short, Large/Medium, Large/Long

Small= 23-34" waist
Medium= 27-38" waist
Large= 31-42" waist

Short= 53"
Medium= 59"
Long= 64"

Dry clean only.


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