Mega Skirt and Sleeves

$ 250.00



March 2019 Update- Hooray! the new batch of 2019 Mega Dresses is here! The last batch was designed in 2011, and we think it was worth the wait.

The Skirt and Sleeve sets are sold together only, for $250.

Order a matching Mega Bodice regularly $185 at the same time, and your total will be $400. (enter the code "MEGA SET DISCOUNT" when checking out)

Please email if you have questions about color/ matching and we're always happy to help with suggestions.


A skirt and sleeves set which can be worn with the matching Mega bodice. Jacquard sleeves are attached to a separate, collared velvet "yoke", which sits snugly on your shoulders and can be taken off if you'd prefer going sleeveless. The silhouette is faintly Tudorish, reminiscent of a partlet.

The skirt portion is in two tie-on sections, open and trimmed in the back as well as the front.

Traditionally the set is worn over an Off Shoulder Shift, or a Blouse and Falda Skirt.
Please email if you have questions about color/ matching and we'd be happy to help with suggestions.

Skirt/ Sleeve Sizing:
The Mega skirt & sleeves set are made in 4 sizes:  Small/Short, Small/Long, Large/Short, Large/Long

Small -12" each skirt (two tie-on sections)
Large -17.5" each skirt (two tie-on sections)

Short- waist to hem 41"
Long- waist to hem 44"

The skirt comes in 2 tie-on sections, and is designed to leave a gap in the front and back to show off Underskirts or Shifts.
(in the swatch photos you can see how we left a gap in the front to show off the OS Shift)

Dry clean.

Mega Bodices available in S, M, L, and XL $185.00

Sizing- Laced fully closed (the 3 openings can each be opened 2-3"  to adjust for best fit)
Bust- 22"
Waist- 22"
Bust- 28"
Waist- 26"
Bust- 33"
Waist- 31"
Bust- 38"
Waist- 37"

We do our best to keep swatches updated on our website, however if your selected swatch is no longer available, we'll do our best to offer a suitable alternative.
Feel free to email to check availability before ordering.

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