What shipping method do you use?
Generally we find that USPS Priority 3-day is the least expensive shipping method for our products. If you’d like expedited shipping or any other carrier, please email us for a price estimate.

When will my order be shipped?
We process orders from 10-6 Mondays - Fridays.
When we receive an order, we first make sure the item is in stock in the selected swatch color and size. If we have it, we’ll capture the funds, and ship it via USPS Priority mail within 2-3 business days (usually sooner).
     If we’re out of stock of the selected swatch color and size, we’ll be in touch to offer alternative options and will let you know the estimated wait time.
You funds will never be captured until we know we have the item in stock.

Do you offer international shipping?
Although it’s not offered on the website, we are happy to ship internationally. Just email us and we can figure out the least expensive way to ship it to you.
Then we’ll send a Paypal invoice for the total plus shipping.
(no paypal acct necessary- payable by any credit card)

Our laces are custom dyed, so there is some color variance between batches. Replacing all the laces at once is recommended to get a perfect match.
We sell sets of 12 on Etsy for $10 plus $6.50 USPS priority shipping, just choose the colors and lengths:

For fewer than 12 laces, we sell a minimum of 2 laces for $4, plus $2 shipping and handling. $2 for each additional lace.


Pixie Stretch Tops:
For longest life, we recommend machine washing your Pixie Top in cold water in a lingerie bag (the fringe-y bits can get caught  in machine parts).
Drip dry.

We put the dry clean label on the stretch velvet dresses for
people who expect crisp-looking results, such as might apply
to bridal occasions.
We, ourselves, not only machine wash but also machine dry them
and are very satisfied with the results. It softens them somewhat.
We suggest you machine wash your dress in warm water and drip dry
or machine dry warm.
Check the mud areas before drying and run it through another wash
if any remains.
Faires are dusty and muddy places and our clothing can usually manage it.

Shimmer Fabrics:
The mill recommends dry cleaning, but we washed and dried them and not only are they unchanged, but wrinkles were magically removed.

Bodices and Mega dresses:
Dry Clean- Notify Cleaner that Petroleum solvent is necessary.
Apparently if the perchloroethylene solvent is used, it can dissolve the coating on the bones and transfer the white coating onto the fabric.
We had a dry cleaner do some tests and the hydrocarbon (petroleum) solvent had no adverse effects.