Seagull Shirt

$ 65.00

This men’s wrap top works well under a vest or by itself.
It looks good with the sleeves down, rolled up, or off and hanging loose in hot weather.  In natural or white all cotton damask (except for the fringes on the white, which are of some old yardage of unknown fiber content).  We sell the shirts in their unwashed state (see photo).
Dry cleaned, I suppose they’ll keep the crisp look longer... Machine-washed they'll "fringe up" like the photo of the Seagull Skirt. We like them both ways.

These fabrics also take dyes beautifully.

Available in Small only.

Pit to wrist- 26"
Shoulder to wrist- 29"
Fits chest range- @34-42"
Length- 23"
Shoulder seam -Shoulder seam- 12"

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