$ 135.00


VIOLA, OUR LATEST little vestie, perfect for that 4-o'clock can't-stand-my-bodice-for-one-more-minute moment ;o)
Laces up both sides for maximum adjustability.

It will also work great over some bodices.

Some swatches have limited supply. 

The collars are backed with the same colors of Taffeta used in our Gitana and Falda skirts. (except Ivory)

Orange/ Saffron Taffeta
Red-Green/ Sherry Taffeta
Rust Patterns/ Sherry Taffeta
Rust Floral/ Sherry Taffeta
Rust Tapestry/ Sherry Taffeta
Burgundy Floral/ Purple Taffeta
Burgundy Zig-Zag/ Purple Taffeta
Burgundy Zebra/  Bronze Taffeta
Maroon Checkers/ Purple Taffeta
Purple Checkers/ Bronze Taffeta
Dark Purple/ Purple Taffeta
Black/Purple/ Black Taffeta
Light Blue/ Dark Blue Taffeta
Dark Blue/ Grasshopper Taffeta
Blue-Grey dots/ Silver Taffeta
Teal/ Patina Taffeta
Teal Harlequin/ Patina Taffeta
Green Floral/ Patina Taffeta
Olive Floral/ Jade Taffeta
Olive Vines/ Jade Taffeta
Brown Diamonds/ Jade Taffeta
Brown-Olive/ Sherry Taffeta
Grey Velvet/ Silver Taffeta
Silver Diamonds/ Silver Taffeta
Red Amtron/ Oxblood Taffeta
Black/ Black Taffeta
Black Swirl/ Black Taffeta


Unisex- Looks great on the gents as well!

Laced closed and laid flat:
Small -(bottom- slimmest part) measures 28.5"" and the underarm to underarm measures 31"
Large- (bottom- slimmest part) measures 36" and the underarm to underarm measures 38"

Most folks prefer them worn snug at the ribcage... The lacing on the sides can easily add 4-8 inches.


We do our best to keep swatches updated on our website, however if your selected swatch is no longer available, we'll be in touch to offer a suitable alternative.

Your funds will not be captured in Paypal until product availability is confirmed.


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