Lancer Pants

$ 70.00


We’ve decided, after some lengthy discussion, to give Lancer Panes (the brocade over-piece straps) and pants (the under-piece) their own separate pages. Intended as a set, but the under-piece can be worn alone, as a slouchy alternative to breech. In various colors to coordinate with our Lancer panes (currently out of stock as of sept 2016) and Lancer Jerkins.

Waist- 26- 48"
Waist to hem- 43"
Waist- 28-52"
Waist to hem- 46"

Machine wash, drip dry.


We do our best to keep swatches updated on our website, however if your selected swatch is no longer available, we'll be in touch to offer a suitable alternative.

Your funds will not be captured in Paypal until product availability is confirmed.

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