Seagull Wrap Top

$ 75.00


When I got over the shock when the first skirt came out of the washer (they look scary before they’re “plucked”), I hung it up, stared at it and thought: Gosh, that’s BEAUTIFUL! Like a Seagull, that hardy little bird that survives the winter in malls and landfills. Then Johanna and I went nuts for several weeks, not by a long shot exhausting the possibilities, but having more designs than we have room for in our booths, so we thought, well, let’s do a few and see what happens. In natural all cotton damask, The natural tops we have in their unwashed state, with samples of the washed in booths to show.

Dry cleaned, I suppose they’ll keep the crisp look longer. We like them both ways. Subsequent washings don’t remove much more fluff, so they keep their look.

We currently have only Natural in stock.

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