Gitana Roses

$ 40.00

The Gitana Rose is a beautiful adornment to clip on just about anything! Attaches securely with an alligator clip on a leather base.

Also, they’re made from the leftover fabrics from each of our cuttings (especially the Taffeta and Shimmer), so they’re a great place to start when piecing together a new costume!

The items show here are only SAMPLES to show the range of colors and fabrics,

For the most recent stock you can check our Etsy shop.


Several items in our Catalog are created in very small batches using an incredibly wide variety of fabric swatches and combinations of fabrics.

This in one of those items!

It’s virtually impossible to keep a proper inventory of the hundreds of combinations.
The swatches shown here are just a small sampling.

The best place to buy Gitana Roses is at our Etsy shop, where we only post what we have in stock.

And of course you can always call or email us if you’re looking for a specific style and we’ll let you know what options we have available.



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