2017 Pirate Bodice- Plus Size

$ 185.00


The 2017 Pirate Bodices are arriving!

Inspired by “Jenny” from Brecht’s Three Penny Opera. A front and back laced bodice based on the Max pattern, with ruffle epaulets and peplums in “Suedine.” Lined in canvas with ½” steel boning encased in belting, laced edges reinforced and boned. We’ve found that this bodice tends to make your waist look about 4” smaller than it is.

Sizing- Laced fully closed (both openings can be opened 2-3"  to adjust for best fit)

Bust- 38"
Waist- 35"
Hips- 36"

Bust- 46"
Waist- 42"
Hips- 43"

Click here for S, M and L

Notify Dry Cleaner to use PETROLEUM SOLVENT ONLY "F". Or Spot clean.


We do our best to keep swatches updated on our website, however if your selected swatch is no longer available, we'll be in touch to offer a suitable alternative.

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