"The Cadillac of Renaissance" Heather Wilson

“Moresca’s products last forever. They have never moved to cheaper boning or materials.” Aimee Celeste

“Moresca has never lost sight of what they do and why. And they hire people who share that philosophy. So yes, it’s absolutely worth the money for a bodice.”

Marley Nickle

“We love everything about Moresca from the business aspect to the gorgeous items we get to wear!” Lindsey Plumb

“Your customer services and clothing are wonderful -- thank you for taking such good care of me.” Jessica Melusine

“So pleased with this whole purchase experience.  Thank you so much!” Suzanne Stein

“The attention to detail is stunning as always ? I think I have an addiction.” Heather Ignash

Andrea Romano Meythaler reviewed Moresca — 5 star

November 17, 2015 ·

I have had my bodice, skirt, sufi pants, and arm pieces for over 12 years. It is my favorite costume and has held up beautifully after all these years. The colors and craftsmanship are unreal. They were also supremely helpful in helping find the perfect piece and size fit for their customers also. I am hoping to attend one of the open houses this year. 
I am always the Belle of the ball at any faire I go to!

Jillian Bee reviewed Moresca — 5 star

December 9, 2015 ·

I've shopped at Moresca's store front several times during open houses as well as at their faire locations. It's always a pleasure - everyone is helpful, the clothes are beautiful, and I've never left unhappy. Many thanks, Moresca!

Renee Keener reviewed Moresca — 5 star

August 20, 2015 ·

I had the privilege of working with Kevin over the last couple days. I am blown away by not only the extraordinary beauty of the products offered, but by the courtesy and professionalism that was provided. I would not hesitate to recommend this amazing company to anyone, anytime!

Melanie Rivera reviewed Moresca — 5 star

November 11, 2015 ·

Quality is phenomenal and customer service sets a precedent that few others match. My only complaint is that I need to buy all the things!

Hannah Spring VanArsdale reviewed Moresca — 5 star

July 19, 2015 ·

I've been a customer at Moresca since 1998, and it's still my favorite place for clothes. I use my Moresca pieces at faires and festivals and every day life. It's the best.

Grace Babcock reviewed Moresca — 5 star

April 20, 2015 ·

I have been madly in love with Moresca ever since I was a teen at the Sterling renaissance festival. I felt beautiful for the first time in a Moresca ensemble, and I'll never forget that. Everything is a work of art, and the people are lovely.

Andee Ga reviewed Moresca — 5 star

March 29, 2015 ·

There isn't anyone making Ren Faire garb as good as Moresca- NOBODY. The quality is beyond top notch and not only do you feel like a SUPERSTAR wearing it, the compliments you receive and the envious stares and sighs of, "She's wearing Moresca!" Follow you around the Faire. I can't get enough, EVER!

Amanda Jo Peterson Nuckoles reviewed Moresca — 5 star

April 23, 2015 ·

I still have my wedding dress and our outfits from 10 years ago that Moresca made. They are still in pristine condition! Such a great company and high quality workmanship!

Laura Pels reviewed Moresca — 5 star

August 26, 2013 ·

Moresca's clothes are truly fabulous. It's easy to piece together an ensemble over time if budgets are restricting purchases, and pieces are always easy to coordinate. Their bodices are the most comfortable (and functional! Hoist the ladies! ~_^) I've ever wo

Allan Hittle reviewed Moresca — 5 star

July 13, 2015 ·

Great service and extremely helpful. 11/10 definitely recommend.

Kathleen Paige Fellers reviewed Moresca — 5 star

July 6, 2015 ·

Purchased dresses for my entire wedding party. Love the quality.

Bill Arnold reviewed Moresca — 5 star

August 29, 2013 ·

The clothes, bags....who am I kidding, all of their products are beautiful and great quality!