Puff Sleeves

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These stretchy Slip-on shirred elastic sleeves make a perfect Renaissance Faire Costume Accessory. In our signature custom made striped rayon-poly Matisse fabric and poly taffeta, edged with cotton-poly bias, the PUFFS SLEEVES by Moresca match our Puff Top, Puff Hip Bustles, and any of our items that use Matisse or Taffeta fabrics, highlighting just about any of our many other items and outfits.
They can be worn by themselves, without the other components, or with just about any of our other items and outfits. The combination possibilities are endless.

Sizing is flexible because of the elastic, between the two sizes we have yet to find anyone we can't fit.
Length- appx 19"
Upper arm:
S - accommodates up to 14" bicep
L - accommodates up to 19" bicep

Care: these can be machine washed cool and drip dried.


The inspiration for these came largely from the original illustrations in "The children in the story" from "Mary Poppins in the Park" by P.L.Travers. We would have called them "Poppins" in her honor, but for the unfortunate association with Disney's version, which is the one mostly known in the US. Great shame, that. It bears little resemblance to the stories of the original British nanny, who was deeply mysterious and clearly had connections with all the pantheons of deities in the Cosmos. P.L. Travers herself was disgusted with the Disney film, on the set of which she was invited as consultant, though largely overruled or ignored.

See article:
The story is well worth a read, it's about Veritain, Amor and Florimond, ; - Truth, Love and Beauty, in the guise of three young princes.


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