Max 1 Bodice - Plus Size

$ 180.00


Boned in ½” steel front and back, it’s astonishingly comfortable. The three openings, strategically located, and the adjustable shoulder straps make sizing easy and fit precise. Comes in a multitude of new and plentiful brocades in many colors, canvas-lined, edged with bias.

Sizing- Laced fully closed (the 3 openings can be opened 2-3"  to adjust for best fit)

Bust- 38.5"
Waist- 34"
Hips- 38.5"
Bust- 45"
Waist- 40.5"
Hips- 44.5"

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Dry clean "F"- Petroleum Solvent Only. Or Spot clean . 


Several items in our Catalog are created in very small batches using an incredibly wide variety of fabric swatches and combinations of fabrics.
This is one of those items!
Since they are almost one-of-a-kind, It’s virtually impossible to keep a full inventory of the hundreds of possible combinations in all sizes.
We’ve found the best way to help our online customers is to ask them to choose their favorite 2-3 swatches.
We’ll check for availability in our warehouse… and if we can’t find the exact match we’ll shoot a photo of a few similar alternative options.
The process may take a few days, but we’ve found customers are often happier with the magical options we find in the warehouse than their original choice.
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