Faerie Bodice

$ 285.00


A versatile bodice based on the cut of our Pirate bodice, laced back and front, boned for a tight fit. The peplum and shoulder assembly are detachable for an alternative look and easy dry cleaning.

We had to make a tough decision about the embellishments on this 2016 batch of Faeries. Prices have risen significantly on the artificial flowers and leaves we used in our 2011 batch.
We could either, Keep the prices the same and leave off the extra embellishments, or raise the bodice price by @30%  and include the flowers and leaves.
We decided to leave the 2011 prices and let people to embellish their own bodices. It allows a little more creativity and personalization.  We see it as an empowering way to add even more magic.  :-)

Sizing- Laced fully closed (both openings can be opened 2-3"  to adjust for best fit)

Bust- 21.5"
Waist- 19.5"
Hips- 21.5"

Bust- 25.5"
Waist- 24"
Hips- 24"

Bust- 31.5"
Waist- 29"
Hips- 33.5"

For XL and XXL click here.

Dry clean- "F" - Petroleum Solvent Only. Or Spot clean.


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