Cleo Bloomers

$ 75.00


Low in stock. Please inquire about availability before purchasing.

Cleo is our first girlie frou frou outfittito since the Fairy Godmother stuff in ’97.
This time we went all out with ruffles, ribbons, roses, scrolls and swags. Period wise, it’s more 18th C. or Fairytale - Cinderella’s wicked step sisters rather than herself, coquettes to the nines. The fabrics are custom dyed rayon/poly mini plaids edged with rayon ribbon, rather than our heavier bias binding for a softer, daintier feel.

The Cleo bloomers are like our Lace bloomers but in the Cleo Bodice and Skirt fabrics, with a slimmer cut and ruffles instead of lace.

Waist- 28"- 48"
Short measures 33" and Long measures 36" waist to hem.

Dry clean.


We do our best to keep swatches updated on our website, however if your selected swatch is no longer available, we'll be in touch to offer a suitable alternative.

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